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As a current member of AAVDI, you are entitled to early notification of, and reduced registration fees to attend any meeting being organised by AAVDI. These meetings are usually held twice yearly, and are rotated through several different geographic locations. Through AAVDI, you are enrolled as a member of the International Veterinary Radiology Association, who hold meetings every three years to which you receive membership privileges. The most recent IVRA meeting was in Obihiro, Japan [August,2000]. The next will be in South Africa [August, 2003].  AAVDI produces and circulates a newsletter, to ensure that you are regularly informed of current news and forthcoming meetings. Additional news and meeting information are provided through the AAVDI web page. The association also produces teaching videotapes to provide additional tuition to veterinarians wishing to improve their imaging skills.

Teaching Videotapes.

Protocol for Abdominal Ultrasonography of a Dog by Kathy SpauldingUltrasonography of Abdominal Blood Vessels and lymph Nodes by Kathy Spaulding.

Two videotapes were created during the AAVDI Abdominal Ultrasonography continuing education meeting in Sydney in 1998. The tapes demonstrate a systematic approach to abdominal ultrasonography in the dog, and are an ideal resource for anyone learning abdominal ultrasonography. These tapes may be purchased by AAVDI members.

Ultrasonography for Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited disorder of cats and dogs. To standardise the ultrasonographic examination and reporting of cats and dogs that are being surveyed for this condition, AAVDI has developed position a statement for cats  and dogs

[Bull Terriers], and a  Reporting Form,  which can be downloaded for the use of members.



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