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AAVDI and IVRA IVRA stands for the International Veterinary Radiology Association - an organization that encourages and promotes all forms of scientific endeavors and research involving veterinary radiology, as well as disbursing knowledge of veterinary radiology throughout the world, representing the radiology discipline in other veterinary organizations and encouraging training in veterinary radiology. Membership in the IVRA is open to all veterinarians and others who have a special interest in Veterinary Radiology; membership of AAVDI automatically makes you a member of IVRA. There is a strong sense of friendship and fellowship amongst IVRA members - more information can be found by clicking on the following link - IVRA holds an international meeting once every three years - these meetings bring together veterinary radiologists and others who have an interest in veterinary diagnostic imaging from all over the world. The location varies on each occasion; participation from developing countries is strongly encouraged through travel scholarships.

The last meeting was held in beautiful Brazil in 2009; the next meeting will be in Turkey in 2012, and promises to be very exciting - details can be found by clicking on the following link

Centre for  Veterinary Education . Radiographic Case of the Month. This is a password protected site managed by the PGF, with case material provided by the veterinary radiologists at Veterinary Imaging Associates. Passwords are issued upon online application at the PGF web-page, the same page that you will access to see case material.

Centre for Veterinary Education, Distance Education visitors site. This is a site that has been created to demonstrate the radiology distance education program. The program is of 10 months duration and is offered online. Visit this site to see what you can learn from the comfort of your own home or practice, no matter where you are located.

Online-vets free information page At this site you can review positioning tables for veterinary radiography or download a comprehensive set of instructions for creating your own technique chart. There are excellent descriptions of hip and elbow dysplasia, with emphasis on understanding hip and elbow scoring systems. You can use this site as a reference for your clients who need to know more about the own pets hip or elbow scores. There is also a contrast media shop, linked to instructions for doing contrast studies in cats and dogs.

University of Florida instructional cases This link will get you to the Department of Clinical Sciences at the University of Florida. Go to the radiology section and find the teaching material. When you arrive you can work your way through a large and comprehensive list of radiographic case studies of the musculoskeletal system.  - temporarily unavailable

University of Pennsylvania computer aided learning This website has some interesting exotic and avian information.  Included are cases with a question and answer format with additional information being made available as you work through the material. The outcome of each case is described, followed by a discussion of the disorder.

View case studies in cardiovascular medicine There are 28 cases, listed by  presenting clinical signs, with complete pictorial data [ECG, radiographs, echo and interactive quizzes for you to work through.

Learn about PennHIP University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program. Information about hip dysplasia and an explanation of the PennHIP method of radiography of the coxofemoral joints. The site maintains an updated list of locations for PennHIP training seminars and a search engine to locate your nearest PennHIP certified veterinarian.


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