Coughing dog

This is "Toby", a 10 year old male Welsh Corgi.

Past history says that he was diagnosed with Dirofilariasis at 5 years of age, and was treated with a course of an arsenical adulticide. He has since been on a monthly microfilaricide. He has been well until one month ago, when he began coughing. It is a non-productive cough, occurring several times a day. Nothing unusual is detected on auscultation.

Q.1) Chest radiographs were taken: read them carefully: is there any evidence of the former heartworm disease?

Q.2) What other tests do you suggest now?

A full blood profile was obtained: it was non-contributary.

Toby was taken to surgery (See the discussion for what was done). He recovered well, and follow up examinations (including radiographs) over the next year were normal. However, at 18 months after surgery, he began coughing and gagging. Symptomatic treatment (Rikodeine [dihydrocodeine]cough syrup) did not resolve the problem. There was also a wheezing inspiratory noise. This time, radiographs of the chest and the cervical trachea were taken.

Q.3) Read the new radiographs.

Q.4) What do you suggest be done now?


Answers: Coughing dog


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