Anaemic dog


Zephyr is a 14 year old, female spayed German Shepherd dog, who presented with a 3-4 week history of progressive malaise. Yesterday she stopped eating and began to pant heavily. Initially the owner elected for screening blood work (biochemistry and complete blood count) which demonstrated a microangiopathic  anaemia.  Given the elderly age and breed, neoplasia was suspected.

Thoracic radiographs were obtained to evalute the tachypnoea. A three view study was performed; the left lateral and ventrodorsal projections are presented here.

1. Evaluate this study in a systematic way. What are your radiographic findings? Does the patient have radiographic evidence of neoplasia?

2. What would you do next to evaluate what is causing Zephyr to be unwell? What do you think her prognosis is?


Answers: Anaemic dog


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