Diesel is an 8 year-old male entire Ridgeback cross dog that has a severe right forelimb lameness localised to the elbow joint. The following
radiographic evaluation was made:

  • What are the radiographic findings?
  • What is the diagnosis?


Radiographic findings:

There is a very large (8mm wide), well mineralised collar of osteophyte projecting from the nonarticular portion of the anconeus and causing severe sclerosis of the semilunar notch of the ulna. The region of the medial coronoid process is very round and irregular, and a large (3-4mm diameter), well mineralised, irregularly shaped osseous body is present adjacent to the coronoid process. Extensive osteophytes project off the cranial aspect of the radial head, the medial epicondyle of the humerus and the caudal aspect of the humeral condyle.


Severe, advanced degenerative changes in the right elbow, with osseous fragments. Suspect medial coronoid disease as as original aetiology.